I have broad interests in computer security and privacy, including work on all aspects of systems and networking, Much of my current research focuses on applications in the healthcare domain such as using machine learning to detect anomalous accesses to health records, understanding the implications of using mobiles and clouds in healthcare, and developing techniques to manage medical data in health information exchanges. I’ve also recently worked on a number of projects in the security of the electric power grid and communication networks, including studies on real time security for power substations, remote attestation for electric power meters, models and counter-measures for denial of service for Internet and wireless white spaces. Some other interests include access control, formal methods, workflows, privacy metrics and protection techniques, and the Internet of Things.

My primary formal project activity is the NSF Frontier Trustworthy Health and Wellness (THaW), which is concerned with the security and privacy issues arising from the use of clouds and mobiles for HIT.